• Cancerous Pro-Palestinian Protests Have Metastasized From Postsecondary Institutions To Grade School

    November 8, 2023
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    On Thursday, November 9th, the “Palestinian” Youth Movement will join in solidarity with Codepink's “Global Shutdown for Palestine.” Codepink is “calling for movements, trade unions, youth, students, media and healthcare workers, and all members of society to increase the pressure with more marches, walk-outs, sit-ins, strikes, and other forms of direct action directed at the political offices, businesses, and workplaces that fund, invest in, and collaborate with Israeli genocide and occupation.”

    Adult groomers, high on hate and raking in the money, have created monsters. The invite for the kids says; “100 plus [sic] New York City high schools and school communities will walk out, phone bank, teach in [sic] to demand a ceasefire and end U.S. support for genocide in Gaza. Join us.”

    This is perfectly symbolic of the “struggle” in Gaza. Jews, Asians, Christians, and hopefully moderate Muslims will be in school studying and likely not being total pains in the rear end. The professional victims, grievance collectors, and krazy keffiyeh wearers will be ditching school, wasting taxpayers’ money, and vowing to wipe out two countries (their host, America, and Israel).

    Since October 7th, billionaires refusing to donate to their alma maters have made headline news. Pledging not to hire graduates who support terrorists and wiping out Israel has exposed the chokehold Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers and perhaps operatives have on the educational complex.

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    But a few people, hip to what has been happening, banging the drum about private Manhattan schools, wonder why the suddenly furious billionaires, with children in private Manhattan grade schools, are only vocal about higher education. The problem isn’t only foreigners here on student visas from Muslim majority countries wanting to incite a jihad. The American educational complex is creating and encouraging homegrown terrorist sympathizers under the guise of “diversity.” It seems like they’ve taken a note out of the “Palestinian’s' playbook on how to groom children from a very early age.

    Our government stood by while groups connected to terrorist organizations, like Students for Justice for Palestine, shattered higher education. Now, the wrecking ball has gotten bigger and gained momentum. Pro-Hamas sympathizers hijacking campuses now turn into pro-Hamas sympathizers hijacking grade schools.

    This is an entirely different sort of warfare. Higher education consists of adults - both the students and faculty. Pro-Hamas sympathizers, assisted by SJP and Codepink, are now targeting kids.

    This was predictable and wholly ignored,

    The Instagram handle, palestinianyouthmovement tweets; “NEW YORK CITY: As part of the NATIONAL SHUTDOWN FOR PALESTINE ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, students, educators, and families from 100+ public schools across New York City will unite for SCHOOLS OUT FOR #CEASEFIRENOW Day, demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to U.S. support for Israel’s genocide of Palestinian people. Students will coordinate walk-outs, teachers will organize phone banks to Congress, parents will lead teach-ins & mobilize local action, and more.” Then, agitators are instructed to “Check out the Day of Action Toolkit” and “let us know about an action you have planned or are hoping to plan in your school community—make sure your school is counted & get support from organizers!”

    What sort of “action” are these wackos cooking up and encouraging to be perpetrated unto children? Will they be copying the Hamas terrorists? Sodomizing? Raping? Beheading? Cutting off feet and hands? Gouging out eyeballs?

    Which New York City high schools are participating? Which teachers are leaving their students, classrooms, and school and admitting they are not needed? Taxpayers spend $38,000 per public school student annually, the highest in the nation, up $10,000 from 2022 due to the flood of illegal migrant children. The prize is being in the bottom half of the nation for reading and writing. Around 77.6% of Asian American students and 70.2% of white students demonstrate proficiency on their math exams. Only 34.3% of black students and 35.7% who are Latino are math proficient. For reading tests, 72.3% of Asian American students and 69.5% of white students are on grade level. Only 40.3% of black students and 39.4% of Latino students are proficient in reading.

    The pro-Hamas crowd encouraging kids to walk-out of school is a walking advertisement for idiocy and problems of their own making. If these kids are new to New York City or first generation, they shouldn’t be wasting school time. Students learning English as a new language are only 11.1% on grade level in reading and 21.5% in math. They'll have only SJP and Codepink to blame when they can’t write a resumé or balance a budget.

    The groomers encouraging kids to be high on hate have talking points for the media:

    “The youth of Gaza are being slaughtered. We want all youth and all students to be able to live in dignity, to pursue education (then why are they organizing a walk-out), and to be free! We are witnessing genocide and collective punishment happen in front of our eyes; half of Gaza's population is under 16; 3500 at least have been killed, [sic] At least 900 have just been killed in the bombing of Al-Ahli hospital. Over 1 million Gazans have been displaced. The Israeli order for Palestinians to self-evict is a death sentence, as the Israeli military is now deliberately targeting civilians attempting to flee. Speak from personal experience, [sic] Talk about family and loved ones and what they're going through right now [sic] Palestinians have nowhere to run; Gaza is the world's largest open air prison and Palestinians are NOT permitted to leave, even now [sic[ We want people to understand this point, that there is no recourse for Palestinians on the ground. The US [sic] is complicit in the genocide of Palestinians we are seeing; they send 3.8 Billion dollars a year to the Israeli military and manufactured the white phosphorus the Israelis have used on Palestinians. If those in power wanted to, they could end this massacre tomorrow. We call for a ceasefire on U.S. officials to immediately stop the Israeli bombardments, [sic] and to end military aid funding that is enabling this mass violence against Palestinians.”

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