• Adams, You Control Education; Expel Terrorists From Taxpayer Funded Schools

    November 26, 2023
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    It’s been one week since child terrorists held their New York City high school hostage. Was it because of DEI? Encouragement from government employees and activist teachers? Absent parents? Tiktok? Likely all of the above.

    Here’s what happened and what needs to be done.

    Monday morning, November, 20th, students at Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens, pre-planned a protest because a teacher’s Facebook profile photo showed her at a pro-Israel rally with a poster saying, “I stand with Israel. As per the NY Post, “A bunch of kids decided to make a group chat, expose her, talk about it, and then talk about starting a riot. Everyone was yelling ‘Free Palestine!’” a senior said. “Everyone was screaming ‘[The teacher] needs to go!”, said a ninth-grader.

    Some points. Why are these students emboldened enough to hunt down a teacher in the first place? Do they fear no one, neither their parents nor their educators? What sort of an environment created their utter moral decay? Why are these children, ages thirteen to seventeen, pro terror? Not just pro “Palestine”, which really means pro - Hamas, but decidedly anti Israel?

    The answers are BLM, CRT, DEI, and elected officials working in tandem with activist teachers to promote an anti white agenda. This translates to anti European, American, Christian, and Jewish and Israel. Why Jewish? Because these ignoramuses think all Jews are Askenazi white (Eastern Europeans) and not brown (North African, Sephardic). Why Israel? Because these students costing taxpayers a fortune in the most expensive education system on the planet think Israel is only home to Jews. They don’t know that they cohabit with Christians and Arabs. Usually, peacefully.

    By the time the NYPD arrived at Hillcrest, the hunted Jewish teacher had locked herself inside an office. Then, the terrorists uploaded the video onto TikTok, the braintrust for Generation Z. The video is chilling. These don’t look like innocent children, they look as ghoulish as the Hamas terrorists they’re celebrating, capable of ripping out fetuses, sodomizing women, burning children alive, and maiming.

    Since this incident, Adams Xed; “@NYCSchools is already conducting a full investigation into how this incident took place, and, this week, Project Pivot teams will begin outreach with students at Hillcrest to ensure they understand why this behavior was unacceptable.”

    Let’s be clear, Adams. Taxpayers do not give a bleep about nice words and strong speeches. We want action. We don’t mean a restorative justice circle or, G-d forbid, expansion of DEI personnel (that are the least diverse group in the world). Moreover, we don’t want a “safety transfer” for the innocent Jewish teacher, which seems to be the norm in backwards New York City.

    As Danyela Egorov, Vice President of CEC 2 and Chair of School Safety Committee says, “I have helped several families get a safety transfer after an attack. It’s always the victims who have to change schools. The DOE is focused on artificially keeping suspension numbers low and principals have told families of the victims, ‘I can’t suspend the attackers.’ The policy is to offer a restorative circle to both victims and attackers regardless of the severity of the attack.”

    Writer Susan Edelman Xed an update on November 26th. “Arrested and released: The 18-year-old Hillcrest HS student charged with aggravated harassment and "making a threat of mass harm" against the Queens school was not jailed. The NYPD issued a desk appearance ticket, which sets a date in criminal court for him to appear later.”

    Adams and Banks better come to Jesus quickly.

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    For the 2023-2024 school year, the total budget for education is $37.5 billion. Of that, New York City provides 53%. NY State provides 37%. The Federal government and other sources provide 10%. From 2022 to 2023, the cost to educate a public school student annually in New York City went from $28,000 to $38,000. This is despite outmigration and because of the influx of illegals. This price per public school student is the highest in the nation and the prize, being in the bottom half of the nation for reading and writing. The district’s minority enrollment is 90%. 55.7% of students are economically disadvantaged.

    Let’s be blunt; the taxbase is what these students are allowed to terrorize. The taxbase pays for these entitled, wasteful, dregs of society, and a lot; $34,544,830,597.00 is the budget for this school alone. And wrap your heads around this; a thirteen year old is easily influenced by a sixteen year old, as we see based on the NY Post article. Pernicious behavior spreads like wildfire. There are 1819 schools and 986,338 students. - all reliant on a disgusted taxbase that is voting with their feet.

    Here’s what needs to happen on a micro level. Every student that participated in the domestic terror riot at Hillcrest needs to be immediately expelled. They need to be made an example out of in order to dissuade others and not corrupt anymore of the student body.

    On the macro level, an investigation needs to be done with haste to learn where this stemmed, the “root causes”, social media involvement, and teacher encouragement. Lord knows we have enough anti semitic Democrat activist educators. Also, the taxpayers need to know how DEI played a role. There is a direct correlation between DEI and anti-semitism, Israel, Asian, white, Christian, European, and American. Also, just based on the TikTok video, the pro-”palestinian” students were overwhelmingly black. This can't be ignored.

    Speaking of DEI, the gateway drug to it is SEL (social emotional learning). It breaks down malleable minds into mush, focusing on “social awareness' and repressed guilt harvested in utero. Here’s what Hillcrest says on its website.

    “2023-2024 SEL Focus

    Hillcrest High School will focus on the theme of ‘believe, belong, and become.’ This theme will be embedded throughout all student and staff support systems via our SLCs and schoolwide initiatives. We will host advisories for all grades from 9th to 12th grade to support our students’ academic and social emotional growth. In addition, our advisory planning team, consisting of students, teachers and staff, will work together to ensure multiple stakeholders have input into our schoolwide SEL programs. Through our Peer Group Connection (PGC) program, every 9th grader will have a mentor from the upper classes. As such, we will work to systematically build schoolwide SEL support both inside and outside of the classroom.”

    Right after the “SEL focus” comes the DEI hammer;

    “2023-2024 Equity Focus:

    During the 2023-2024 academic year, the Hillcrest Equity Team will collaborate with all stakeholders to foster an inclusive school atmosphere. Our primary objective is to ensure equitable opportunities for every student and cultivate a culture of readiness for higher education and career paths that lead to personal success. We will actively encourage open and honest collaborative conversations that promote understanding and respect through established protocols, data analysis, and social-emotional learning lessons.”

    If we have learned nothing else post June 2020, it’s this; DEI means anti white. Jews are loathed because they’re considered white and colonialists. Asians are hated because despite their minority status in America, are the top achievers and threaten the DEI narrative. Therefore, Asians are considered white adjacent. Not at all racist, right?

    Adams and Banks are losing rather than leading. The coffers can’t take anymore outmigration. Neither can these teenage pro-”palestine” losers who are at the mercy of a taxbase they’re terrorizing.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    Ali ByGolly

    Kudos to Toboroff! Great article.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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