• Why Mazi Melesa Pilip Is Needed In Congress

    January 23, 2024
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    She's running for the seat formerly held by George Santos.

    Dr. Michael Goldstein and U.S. Congressional candidate Mazi Melesa Philip

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    Guest post by Dr. Michael Goldstein

    In case you missed it, there is a live special election for a very vital seat in New York State.  This is the seat formerly held by George Santos. The balance of the Republican majority also comes into challenge even with this one seat given resignations and leadership changes in the House.

    A candidate like Mazi Pilip is needed in Congress and she needs to win on February 13th.  Why, you ask?  Well as a Republican, this helps secure the majority until the November 2024 where we hope to have the real red wave, unlike the overhyped one less than two years ago.  A victory for Mazi coupled with a unified party backing one candidate for President is the catalyst for November.

    More importantly, it is what a victory for Mazi Pilip represents.  She is the American Dream, with a story that begins in poverty in Ethiopia and a detour in Israel.  Mazi immigrated to Israel at the age of 12.  Mazi saw a paratrooper when she arrived in Israel and made that dream to become one a reality. She proudly served Israel as a member of the Israeli Defense Force Paratrooper’s brigade as a gun smith. 

    Some may talk about her formerly being a registered democrat.  In 2021 and again in 2023, Pilip was elected to the Nassau County Legislature and ran as a Republican.  The Republican party is the voice of change and we welcome anyone who believes in our core values and principles. While a zebra cannot change its stripes, this is America and you can cross party lines in government and at the polls.

    Since the tragic events of October 7th in the Hamas terrorist attacks where Israeli civilians are still being held hostage by Hamas, anti-semitism is on the rise in the U.S. and is being championed with the pro-Palestinian congressional team of the Squad.  Almost every day there are violent anti-semitic Pro Palestinian demonstrations that advocate  for the extermination of millions of Jews in the name of Palestine. We’ve heard that message before and we all know that messages turn into actions. My answer is Never Again. Unlike the hate mongers, American Jews and the supporters of Israel peacefully protest for their cause.

    Pilip is a Jewish-American and has served New York proudly. She has the training and preparation to get off the island of Long Island and get down to Washington. This former gunsmith is the perfect weapon against the Squad which is basically the terror squad and condones Hamas.   She is also an Orthodox Jew and a mother of seven. Her family fully supports the sacrifice to save this great nation.

    If you believe in Democracy, keeping a Republican Majority in Congress, and want to fight antisemitism, please support Mazi Pilip for Congress on February 13th.  She will stand up for New York and Israel and maintain the majority that is so desperately needed by the Republican party. 

    I have met with Mazi and she is the real deal. If you live in the 3rd District of New York, put Mazi in your corner on February 13th. Let her be the thorn in the side of the Squad and the democrats on Valentine's Day with the first red wave.

    Her willingness to step up in short notice, and fight for the right cause, has been a thread through her life’s journey that can inspire the young vote and proud Americans who are fed up with the state of the nation. She is an inspiration for so many Americans and for citizen candidates, like me, to face the odds and fight to restore the real will of the people. 

    We are all in this fight together to reverse the bad policies of the Biden Administration that have been supported by a formerly democrat-controlled Congress and now democrat-controlled Senate.

    Without republican control of Congress the Biden Agenda will go full steam ahead and we may not be able to reverse it.

    Help Mazi.

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