• NY Dems Decry Housing Scandal They Created

    February 7, 2024
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    Perp walk for NYCHA employees (YouTube screencap).

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    NYCHA Debacle

    Does NYCHA Stand For "New York City Hates African-Americans"? In the latest embarrassing story concerning New York City's management of its Section 8 housing, at least justice is being served. 70 current and former NYCHA employees were arrested yesterday in a federal sting operation. The slew of Dept. of Justice bribery arrests constitute the largest number in a single day for the DOJ. The operation uncovered a total of $2 million in bribes over ten years. Worse, NY Dems pretend to be outraged over the public housing scandal.

    It wasn't all pay-for-play work contracts. Several of those busted for bribery had been previously suspended for on-the-job sexual advances, such as Alex Tolozano, 57, who was suspended three times and reprimanded once since 1988. Tolozano quit in January. Sadly, some of those convicted had been held up as heroes and leaders in their respective communities. As the New York Post reports, Rigoberto Charriez was "selected to participate in NYCHA’s Coaching and Mentorship Leadership Academy — a 16-week program aimed at enhancing 'leadership and management skills through mentorship.'”

    Dem Rep. Goldman "Disgusted," Councilman Banks Calls For "Hearings"

    Democrat legislators are, of course, outraged over this embarrassing turn of legal events. Rep. Dan Goldman (D) took to X to lament the "neglected victims of a completely broken system." Goldman represents District 10, with over 6,000 NYCHA/Section 8 units.

    Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had enough common sense to refrain from commenting online. What about the official responsible for NYCHA oversight? Surely he had some stirring words? Indeed, City Councilman Chris Banks, pictured below, was strong out of the gate during a PIX11 interview. "Heads will roll," Banks claimed after the hosts pushed him for an answer. This tough talk soon died down, and Banks closed by mumbling that he looked forward to "having hearings and holding NYCHA accountable."

    New York City Councilman Chris Banks (YouTube, screencap)

    Of course, these are the problems the city struggles to solve. Also present in the PIX11 interview was a NYCHA resident, Tenant President for the Douglass Houses, Carmen Quinones, who replied, "I've heard it all before." She's not wrong. This problem has reared its head before in the pages of CDMedia.

    CDMedia NYCHA Flashback

    Let's take a trip back to 2019 when CDMedia, parent publication to TheManhattan, reported on the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). It was grim then. It's worse now. From July 26, 2019:

    NYCHA: A Microcosm of Democratic Mistreatment of Blacks

    The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), its residents 89% black and Hispanic, have suffered the tortures of the damned under de Blasio, from a lead paint epidemic to un-repaired pipes leaking sewage, to sex parties and drug abuse by employees on NYCHA property. It serves as a microcosm: Democrats create subsidized housing, force poor minorities into said housing, then neglect and endanger their inhabitants. Republicans have no part in this vicious cycle because our dysfunctional large cities--Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Atlanta, Detroit--are run exclusively by Democrats.

    As for the cops themselves, four NYPD officers committed suicide in a three-week stretch in June, due at least in part to de Blasio's long history of failing to support them and their core mission of upholding the peace.

    De Blasio knew he had inherited a well-conditioned, law-abiding populace and the most advanced, best-trained corps of officers in the country in 2014. All he had to do was maintain something like the course of his predecessors, but no. Virtue signaling has been his north star. His legacy will be the same as most Democratic mayors in the city: one progressive step forward, two lawless steps back.

    It isn't surprising when we revisit the filthy, lead paint strewn, crime-ridden boondoggle that is NYCHA. It is upsetting to see legislators go through the same tired motions. TheManhattan's eyes are on the person responsible for District 10 NYCHA oversight: Councilman Chris Banks.

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