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    February 15, 2024
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    A (Small) Sampling Of Local Illegal Activity

    As tensions rise in the city due to the perfect storm of a corrupt D.A., powerless police, and a surge of illegal immigrants, TheManhattan begins a weekly column on the ugly outcomes of local lawlessness. Criminals are naturally emboldened. Police are rightly fearful. Where have you gone, Rudy and Bloomie? A city turns its nervous eyes to you.


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    We begin with one of the many cost-free joys of city life: buskers, or street musicians. Playing in parks, the subway, or on a street corner, these trepidatious troubadours bring a smile to many harried straphangers' faces. In the case of one mustard-coated, red-scarfed rail rider, not so much.

    As cellist Iain Forrest sought to entertain riders at the Herald Sq. station, a passerby, who appears to be a medium-complected woman in her early thirties, assaulted the musician with his own water bottle. Despite four eye witnesses (not counting the three recording on smart phones), she got away.

    Menacing Migrant In Macy's

    Clean up in aisle...well, all of them, please. Repeat offenders are grist for D.A. Alvin Bragg's mill, so this should make our Soros acolyte top cop proud. One of the illegal immigrants involved in the Jan. 27 attack on NYPD officers is at it again after being released without bail. In less than a month, Darwin Gomez-Izquiel, 19, committed another crime. Darwin, yes. Darwinism? Well, that would imply a negative outcome for the perpetrator, which is far from a settled matter in modern Gotham.

    On this occasion, Izquiel chose to try his luck at Macy's in Queens. He attempted to shoplift $600 worth of clothing, and punched a theft deterrence officer. He failed to escape and was taken into custody by federal officers. He was charged with theft and petit larceny.

    The Bronx Keeps It Old School

    In the age of cyber crime and open borders, a Bronx street shooting elicits something like nostalgia. So familiar! In the clip below, two men argue. One walks away...then turns on his heel and fires repeatedly at his rival. Of note: the attack happened this morning in broad daylight. Further, the intrepid soul who recorded the encounter escaped injury by a narrow margin.

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    TheManhattan will update these stories upon receipt of new information.

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