• NYC Week In Crime (With 3 Updates)

    March 1, 2024
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    Obama's Legacy Of Inorganic Protests

    Not Barack Obama (source: YouTube screencap)

    To those familiar with ACORN, or The George Floyd "fiery but mostly peaceful" protests, organized pro-Hamas demonstrations will feel familiar. We continue to monitor the rash of pro-Palestine protests in the city that appear to be excuses to defile institutions and sow disorder.

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    Nerdeen Kiswani and Amin Husain are among the community organizers seeking to foment chaos in the name of justice. Their brand of justice is not concerned with peaceful protest, however. Among their more memorable outings: the desecration of the famed New York Public Library on 5th Ave. and E. 42nd St. over Thanksgiving. Then there was the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony debacle.

    These are not protests so much as organized crime. The goal, as stated by organizers such as Husain, is to "globalize the Intifada," which is, of course, a call to arms.

    Update 1: Cello Hell

    Two weeks ago, TheManhattan reported on Iain Forrest, the subway busker who was assaulted with his own water bottle while sawing away at his cello in the 34th St/Herald Square station. It will come as no surprise that the assailant, 23 year-old Amira Hunter, was released without bail.

    The lax judgment was issued despite Hunter's history of skipping court dates. One of those was for attacking her own mother.

    Update 2: Truckers For Trump Was A Con, Not A Convoy

    As predicted in TheManhattan on February 19th, #Truckers4Trump turned out to be a flop. There are no noticeable supply chain issues in the city. Grocery prices remain high but steady. From where we sit, the trucker who kicked things off, "Chicago Ray," is starting to look more like Ray Epps. Demoralization is a common leftist tactic, we'll keep watching this one.

    "Chicago Ray" Source: YouTube screencap)

    Update 3: El Tren In Vain, Venezuela Halts Deportation Flights

    As reported in TheManhattan two weeks ago, criminal gangs such as El Tren de Aragua quickly set up shop in NYC. The optics were bad, so the FBI cracked down and rounded up some of the bad hombres. Since then, all quiet on the northern front. Speculation has died--for the moment, anyway--about the gang partnering with MS-13.

    The latest problem? Like a scene out of Scarface, the Venezuelan government is refusing to take back its worst criminals. So make way for the bad guy...again.

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