• NYC Taxpayers: Cough Up $2.3 Bn For "Migrants"

    March 4, 2024
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    The words on the foundation of the Statue of Liberty are a poem, not policy. Source: YouTube screencap

    Will You Stay In NYC To Pay The Way For Illegals?

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    To stay or go: it's an evergreen question for citizens of any large city. The promise of suburban calm, the rugged self-reliance of rural life: these are temptations for any weary city dweller. These thoughts really percolate when new taxes are foisted on the public, or when crime grows steadily.

    So what happens when taxes go up and so does crime? And the cost of city living goes up due to some of the people committing crimes? And the criminals aren't even legally American? More and more taxpayers are fleeing the city at the highest rate in the country.

    NYC Taxpayers On Hook For $2.3 Bn In Migrant Cost Overage

    A solution, on paper at least, is starting to fizzle. Counties in New York State were supposed to help absorb the undocumented masses arriving in and overwhelming the city. However, only five counties agreed to this questionable deal, and now one of the biggest by population, Suffolk County on Long Island, is backing out.

    "Suffolk County is not, nor will it be, a sanctuary city," said Michael Martino, Director of Communications for the executive office of Suffolk County. Others voiced their opinions on the idea of accepting migrants from the city. "You asked for it," said Ed Day, Rockland County's Republican Party Executive. "You're a sanctuary city, we're not."

    Counties accepting migrants from NYC: scratch Suffolk County (Source: YouTube screencap).

    So What's The Tab...?

    If you live in New York City and pay taxes, count yourself as one of roughly four million who do so. In other words, prepare to pony up almost another $600 on average this year. Why is the number so high? It doesn't help that Mayor Adams' solutions to the migrant problem are awarded in no-bid contracts.

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