• New York Squatter Insanity Continues: Update

    March 24, 2024
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    Stevie Wonder's hit "Living For The City" paints a painful picture of how New York chews up and spits out those who aren't streetwise. It's infamously difficult to learn the ins and outs of such a large and bustling metropolis. But what if you're from New York? It turns out you might not even have a right to your own home.

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    Queens resident Adel Andoloro found out the hard way about goofy liberal laws four days ago when she was arrested for changing the locks...on her own home.


    Andaloro visited her $1,000,000 home, which she inherited from her parents, only to find two men inside. The men claimed to be tenants. They promptly called 911.

    Whereas Andoloro was able to produce a property deed, the squatters provided receipts for work allegedly done on the property. Officers removed the men from the property.

    If you think this is where the story ends, remember, it's New York.

    Andaloro naturally contacted a locksmith to have the locks on her house changed. Moments after the work was done, the two squatters reappeared and called the police again. Like so many new "citizens" in the Biden open borders era, the men know the law. Some have even gone viral with their "advice" to fellow illegals.

    The law states that it is illegal for a landlord to change the locks in order to evict someone claiming to be a tenant. Further, state law grants tenant rights to anyone squatting for more than thirty days, so Andoloro was informed the matter would have to be settled in housing court.

    And now? Andaloro has been arrested. She was led away from her home in handcuffs.

    Escape From New York Was Just A Movie...Right?

    It comes as no surprise that New Yorkers are moving to Florida in record numbers. Listen to the recommendation of the Santa Rosa, FL sheriff below. Refreshing, isn't it?

    All is not lost just yet. A state assemblyman from Long Island has recently filed a bill to strip rights from squatters.

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