• BREAKING: West Point To Make Honor Code 'Aspirational' In Another Destructive Move By Superintendent LTG Gilland

    April 3, 2024
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    By: AFP Staff

    (In a reprint from our family of CDM sites, a look at nefarious tactics to make the culture of West Point, and thereby the culture of the Army, more woke. Right here in New York State...--Ed.)

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    When LTG Steve Gilland took the reigns of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, since he is a former special operator, many grads were somewhat relieved, as they surmised he would be more true to West Point's history and legacy than LTG Williams, who infested the academy with Marxist ideology.

    Now, many grads see in Gilland another senior officer betraying his oath and attempting to change West Point in keeping with the Biden agenda.

    Recent minutes of the Board of Visitors of West Point's spring meeting show Gilland is moving to change the venerable 'honor code' to be 'aspirational' instead of sacrosanct.

    How does this build character one might ask?

    The answer is - it doesn't.

    The only reason for this move, along with removing Duty, Honor, Country from the mission statement, is to weaken the integrity of graduates who will fill the U.S. military's ranks, so they may be enjoined to repress and persecute the American citizenry in the future.

    If an officer can lie, cheat, or steal, what's to stop him from firing on innocent Americans at the will of a fascist Federal government?

    With that pesky little phrase 'Duty, Honor, Country', and now 'Honor' removed, West Point is no longer creating leaders of character, but a Pretorian Guard for the emperor.

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