• Creepy Dan Goldman Explains FISA Vote: He Wants To Lock Up Conservatives With No Paperwork Hassle

    April 12, 2024
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    Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY). Image: YouTube screencap.

    Sniveling congressman Daniel Goldman made clear his stance on the FISA bill today. On the floor of the House, within spitting distance of Hank "capsize Guam" Johnson (D-GA), Goldman said the quiet part out loud. He doesn't want the hassle of a warrant when arresting American citizens for subjective reasons. Apparently J6 really got Goldman thinking about how fun it is to lock up Americans whose views are inconvenient to the narrative.

    Watch the short video:

    The reason patriots like Thomas Massie (R-KY) are seeking a warrant requirement is that it involves a sitting judge issuing a warrant. Goldman claims this would make the bill "useless". No Dan, it would make it just.

    "The wheels of justice grind slowly" for a reason. The FISA bill must not become a hall pass for swamp creatures to chase down taxpayers who insulted them online.

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