• Turning Point Exposes NYC's Clandestine Migrant Relocation Plan: Free Travel

    April 18, 2024
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    It's "free". For them. (YouTube screencap)

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    We're not complaining exactly, but...it would be nice if Mayor Eric Adams was more transparent about how he's spending our tax dollars.

    Turning Point USA's Savanah Hernandez caught a relocation program in action in the city. It would be one thing to announce the illegals were being flown back home, but one suspects this is a reshuffling of the deck. That said, the flyers posted outside of the East Village's St. Brigid School--where the clandestine operation took place--do say "anywhere". They also say, in small print, "some restrictions apply."

    Tellingly, the migrants don't scatter once the camera is turned on them--they are shooed into the school by the transport boondoggle organizers.

    Travel options include bus, train, airplane, or car. The message: "Get Out, by any means, we don't care, it's free, just GO!" We couldn't agree more, but deportation--and a secure border--should be inherent to that message.

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