• This Is What Happens When A Democrat Snaps: Cognitive Dissonance Eruption

    April 20, 2024
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    Max Azzarello. (YouTube screencap)

    Hey, we fell for it too. Despite initial appearances that painted Maxwell Crosby Azzarello, 37, as a nonpartisan, it appears that his political affiliation--at least as a younger man--is decidedly on the left. And those voices you hear online that say, "What does it matter now?" or, "Let him rest in peace!", well dear reader, those are the voices of frightened liberals.

    Did Azzarello die a Democrat? That's the gray area. It seems as though he was suffering a mental break of sorts, and that's not to paint him as "crazy." Angry, yes. Many former lefties are waking up to the reality that their party, long the champion of free speech and equal rights, has fled far afield to fantastical Marxist folly. Men in makeup dominating girls' sporting events and attacking girls in their midst, criminals and drugs pouring over the border, violent criminals released time and again, in many cases, until they kill.

    But to pretend Azzarello was nonpartisan, as the New York Times still insists, is disingenuous.

    To wit, Azzarello:

    Come on. Public policy? City planning? These are the majors of "community activists", full stop. If you were a hiring manager, an attorney looking at a list of potential jurors, or the director of a political fundraiser, and you took one look at that résumé, you'd know exactly what kind of fish was on the line.

    TFW Your Hero Lets You Down

    Max Azzarello, Bill Clinton. (YouTube screencap)

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    It appears Azzarello is/was the poster boy for cognitive dissonance. Usually it's the smart ones who figure out they've been duped. Azzarello was no dummy. UNC and Rutgers are well-ranked universities, and what's more, the manifesto, despite the ham-fisted pop culture asides, is well written.

    That's the thing: when the smart ones realize they've missed the boat for most of their lives, when they wake up and pull the scales from their eyes, the light can be blinding. Analogous, perhaps, to the violence of trans folk in America. Once the painful reality of the trendy games catches up with you, anger and despair are all that's left. That's cognitive dissonance turning into a mental break.

    This break arguably began for Azzarello with a series of outbursts in St. Augustine, FL last year. Azzarello was dining at a local hotel which featured a framed, signed photo of Bill Clinton. Azzarello threw his wine glass at the photo, breaking the frame and damaging the photo. The name of the hotel? Casa Monica. Just the kind of detail to set off the man who quoted Simpsons plots as mirrors to societal ills.

    RIP, Max. It's hard to wake up and realize you're on the wrong side.

    Screencap, 4chan.org

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