• NYT Begins The Slow Roll On Vax Apology...As Pfizer Drools Over New Cancer Med Plans

    May 6, 2024
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    You Don't Hate The Media Enough, Part MCXVIII

    “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.” --Michelangelo

    You know the quote. Well, as with sculpture, so it is with narrative. The true story about Covid--the one written by Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and a cabal of pharmaceutical companies--has always existed under reams of immunity agreements, ivermectin gaslighting, bleach hoaxing, draconian lockdowns, and media complicity.

    It was always there, hidden underneath the stinking pile of globalist dung and three-letter agencies people (used to) trust. And no matter how many legitimate questions arose about hyper-fast-tracking an unproven vaccine, and the changes made to the actual vax versus the one used in the speediest of trials--on mice, no less--the media insisted on a "pandemic of the unvaccinated". They cajoled, they shamed, they conveniently forgot that science is questioning. Science is testing hypotheses.

    Jobs were snatched away. Families cleaved. Lives ruined and lost.

    The scales are falling away, if any remained, for those who would see the truth. It's difficult to imagine the max-boosted crowd ever admitting they were wrong, and a headline like "Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them" is both perfect and pernicious. Perfect insomuch that it creates a tiny world of vax skepticism--thousands!--when the truth is in the billions. "Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them"? People injured by the vax know what it was. The dead? They didn't immediately return our request for a quote. "Is Anyone Listening?" Not the author of the piece, one Apoorva Mandavilli.

    Mandavilli engages in a classic pas de deux with her elephant-in-the-room partner. She pirouettes around the problem by mentioning three cases with minor side effects, one of which was a man who developed tinnitus. It's a huge undersell. She saves myocarditis until the very end of the piece, another standard mass media move. It's all so tiring.

    Engagement Pharming

    At the same time, Pfizer is pitching their new cancer treatment drugs designed to treat...drum roll...the newly prevalent cancers caused by mRNA vaccines! It's enough to give even a staunch capitalist a headache. Or a stroke.

    Albert Bourla, the laughing skull atop a tailored suit who is also CEO of Pfizer, gave remarks today about his company's promising future. God Complex on full display, he claimed to have "saved the world from Covid."

    If that wasn't enough, he went on to say, awkwardly, that cancer "is what it is, our new Covid." Sadly, this Biden-sized gaffe wasn't a gaffe at all. Bourla announced his plans to eager market ears, and sure enough, Pfizer stock (PFE) was up today, rising over a dollar per share before giving back a chunk at closing.

    The store of acidic terms to hurl at the pharmaceutical industry has been exhausted over the last ten years. The opioid crisis bled seamlessly into Covid "vaccines," and now cancer treatments to "heal" the vax-injured. It's beyond greed. What we are witnessing now was planned and executed brilliantly on a global scale. If it weren't so macabre, we'd be applauding.

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    Will this new mRNA shot cure the 'Turbo Cancer' caused by the covid mRNA shot ?

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