• Turley Claims "Layers Of Reversible Error" As Sky Banner Proclaims Trump's Innocence

    May 21, 2024
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    On a sunny afternoon in New York, familiar sounds fill the air: cars honking, sirens wailing...and the faint hum of an old De Havilland propeller plane towing a banner that reads, "President Trump Did Nothing Wrong!"

    It may be a foolish gesture, it may be futile, but given the antics of Judge Juan Merchan, it feels somehow appropriate. After all, someone has to speak for the gagged. It is sometimes said that activist judges "legislate from the bench" by issuing rulings that have the effect of passing a law. The meritless Trump trial may go down as the first case of "electioneering from the bench."

    Meanwhile, law professor Jonathan Turley provided a broad overview of the case on Fox News. Turley discussed ways in which judges repair damage in their cases to the Charlie Brown and Lucy kicking the football gag from Peanuts, whereby judges can instruct jurors to disregard evidence shared in error.

    Turley's claim is that this case is too far gone, essentially irreparable, especially as it pertains to the presumption that jurors believe there was election interference because Merchan allowed those baseless claims to be made over the entire life of the trial.

    The defense has rested its case. Minus any new legal wrinkles, the trial should be over by the end of the week.

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