• Whodathunkit? Illegals And Mentally Ill Homeless Commit Outrageous Crimes

    May 26, 2024
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    Nile Taylor (X screencap)

    Imagine if you will a large metropolitan area. In this city, the ruling political party stays in power by pandering to the poor. Homeless people are allowed to loiter, beg, and sleep in public. By extension, the DA and attorney general pursue "equitable" treatment of criminals. Police are rendered timid and criminals are emboldened. Shoplifting becomes so common that many shops and stores are forced to close.

    X screencap.

    Further, the city is a "sanctuary city," so whenever illegal immigrants arrive, they are handsomely accommodated. Due to waning popularity, the ruling political party opens its borders, allowing millions of illegals to enter...and ultimately, to vote.

    Crime becomes a new form of expression, a kind of street art. From beating a busker with his own water bottle to using a belt to strangle a woman before raping her between two parked cars, creativity is the new criminal flex. And that's the state of affairs in Democrat-controlled cities today. Illegal aliens and the homeless/mentally unwell are key drivers of a surge in crime.

    A group of illegals decided to prank a cop by spraying a fire extinguisher into the cabin of his Prius. The masked bandits are then seen laughing and repeating "Lo diablo". The attack happened yesterday morning in Harlem. No arrests have been made.

    In another brazen incident, an Albanian man used his body to shield his fiancee from a flaming liquid attack. Petrit Alijaj, 23, was burned on 30% of his body after shielding his future spouse from what appears to be burning kerosene. The accused, Nile Taylor, 49, held the burning liquid in cans before tossing it at the young couple. This is Taylor's second such attack. In February, he tried to douse passengers on the 1 train, but he missed.

    Alijaj was on the way to see the Statue of Liberty.

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