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    May 28, 2024
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    By: Christine Dolan

    Robert De Niro has now morphed Hillary Clinton's 2016 "deplorables" characterization of Trump supporters to "gangsters" on behalf of the Biden-Harris 2024 presidential campaign in New York City on Tuesday. 

    It is a far cry from the 2016 Democratic National Committee's convention when Michelle Obama declared: “When they go low, we go high.”

    In one of the more bizarre political stunts in recent decades, with plenty of potential blowback, “You, talk’in to me?” actor Robert De Niro once again demeaned himself publicly as he ranted on behalf of the Biden-Harris 2024 presidential campaign outside the New York Supreme Court House during the closing arguments in the Trump document trial, as earlier reported by CDM’s Manhattan Press

    But, De Niro took his remarks to an even lower level of blistering insults moments later when engaging with Trump supporters in the crowd calling them “gangsters.” As De Niro started to walk away, he angrily turned back towards them and shouted “F**k You," as the exchange was posted on X. 

    De Niro has been obsessed with Trump since before he even won the 2016 election. 

    In October 2016, De Niro made a video in which he called Trump "a punk, a pig, a dog, and a mutt" and said he would like to "punch Trump in the face."

    The actor has called Trump nearly every pejorative name in the book since Trump won in 2016 during interviews and even on stage at the Tony awards in 2018 where he boastfully repeated twice, “F**k Trump,”," as he shouted on stage. 

    De Niro called Trump a "racist, white supremacist, despot, con artist, huskster, scam artist, buffoon, blowhard," and compared Trump to "Hitler and Mussolini," and "a mob boss." He has called Trump nothing but a “mouth” and accused him of having “no substance,” and a “dirty player” - all these names in just one 2019 interview with The Guardian. Holding back on calling Trump evil, De Niro added, “He’s not even evil. He’s mundane.”

    Today, De Niro added that Trump was a danger to New York, the country and the world. He also called Trump a “clown.” 

    From the mic today, De Niro gestured towards the Trump supporters nearby demeaningly.

    “Look at these people,” De Niro said while still standing at the mic. “Donald Trump wants to destroy not only this city and the country but the entire world.”

    The Biden Harris presidential campaign released a commercial three days ago that De Niro narrated. It is called “Snapped," again demeaning Trump all in the name of the 2024 Biden Harris 2024 presidential campaign. 

    In June 2020, De Niro criticized Trump for his response to Covid-19 in an interview with Jimmy Fallon complaining about those who did not want to wear a mask and reminisced about his relationship with Nelson Mandela. 

    It all seems odd calling Donald Trump a racist when nearly a week out from when Nelson Mandela was to arrive in the U.S. for a nine-city tour in 1990 after being released from prison, the powers that be from Randall Robinson to Roger Wilkins to Harry Belafonte and other celebrities like Lionel Ritchie and his buddies in Hollywood did not have a press plane.

    Who stepped up to the plate? Donald Trump. 

    That is not speculation because this journalist was asked at the last minute to be the Spokesperson for the 1990 USA Nelson Mandela Tour. There was no money, no bank account and no plane and the networks and every journalists in America was scrambling to get an interview and access to Mandela. 

    This journalist made one phone call, and it was to Donald Trump. The deal was done during that 20 minute phone call. Trump, the man that De Niro has slammed repeatedly, agreed to give access to one of his planes for Mandela. Trump did not hesitate one nanosecond. 

    That plane transported the media, Nelson Mandela and his entourage and the USA Nelson Mandela Tour American officials across the country. Everyone on the plane and in the media at the time knew Trump delivered and everyone on the plane knew it because Trump's name was on the tail. 

    But, the facts did stop Democrats calling Trump a racist in 2016. Who knew better than Harry Belafonte was on the plane? Has it stopped the likes of Biden and De Niro and other Democrats? Not at all. They just rewrite history. 

    Why is it important? We have 75-80 million Americans born after 1990 who have no idea who is telling the truth. 

    The Tribeca Film Festival, which De Niro created with Jane Rosenthal following the 911 attacks to heal New York City, has been a success. But, fifteen years into it, Tribeca Film Festival was mired in a controversy over the documentary, Vaxxed

    That documentary has been watched by millions. It has raised important questions about vaccinations potentially causing harm to children for decades. 

    One of De Niro's children is reportedly autistic. Initially, the festival in 2016 agreed to run the documentary, but the Tribeca Film Festival fell to pressure and pulled Vaxxed from the schedule.  

    In defending the festival's position though, De Niro agreed that the film "should be viewed." He came just short of its endorsement on NBC's TODAY show set during an interview.

    Why is this important? 

    Because on May 31, 2024 - just days from now - Protocol7, a feature film based upon a true story about the mumps, measles and rubella vaccinations manufactured by Merck, will expose the pharmaceutical company's fraud that is the basis of an ongoing qui tam lawsuit in which documents were sealed for years and recently, some of them were unsealed.

    Dr. Andy Wakefield was involved in the production of Vaxxed and he is the director and executive producer of Protocol7, as earlier reported by CDM. 

    You can watch a CDM interview with Andy Wakefield here

    Protocol7 should shake the public when they understand the level of deception and deceit in this case. 

    The Tribeca Film Festival begins on June 5. One of Tribeca Film Festival partners/sponsors has been Gilead, who manufactures a controversial antiviral drug administered to Covid-19 patients that has resulted in a boatload of deaths. 

    In 2023, the festival ran films connected to another PHARMA company, Novartis, but for whatever lame reason, De Niro and Rosenthal and the others at Tribeca refused to add Vaxxed to its 2016 schedule. 

    Should make people wonder why?

    De Niro is not only a relentless critic of Trump, but anyone who may be viewed as giving Trump a voice like Rupert Murdoch. 

    “Rupert Murdoch became a citizen of this country; look what he’s contributed by this. This is what he’s going to leave. This is his legacy. It’s disgraceful. He’s cynical, amoral, but he has a responsibility. He came here as an immigrant, technically,  and look what he did. You cannot justify having Fox News as a mouthpiece for the government. It’s wrong. It’s beyond disgusting," stated De Niro while Trump was president.

    In 2020, Rupert Murdoch's son, James Murdoch, who supports Biden and runs Lupa Systems, bought a majority stake in Tribeca Enterprises. 

    "Since the Festival took place in June this year, Tribeca had LGBTQ+ Pride and Juneteenth programming front and center, including presenting the inaugural Harry Belafonte Voices for Social Justice Award to Stacey Abrams," is reported on Jane Rosenthal's Pace alum bio

    However dramatic De Niro and the Biden Harris 2024 presidential campaign have staged their press conference today, the public should not be fooled. In the next weeks leading up to the June 27 first 2024 presidential debate, if that takes place, expect more drama to come. 

    • Anthony Fauci testifies before Congress on June 1. 
    • Hunter Biden's gun trial begins on June 3 in Delaware. 

    The supposed first debate on CNN is scheduled for June 27. Today, the Biden-Harris campaign spokesperson who introduced De Niro said to "stay tuned" as to whether they were going to return to the courthouse this week during jury deliberations.

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”

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