• The Drumbeat Grows Louder For New Pandemic, New "Vaccines" Are Already Here!

    June 1, 2024
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    He's back...Peter Hotez. X screencap.

    It's easy to miss it if you aren't paying attention, but the noise is getting louder. The same awful mouths are forming the cunning same words from four years ago. Peter Hotez. Bill Gates. Albert Bourla. "Doctor" Tedros. And yes, the shameless Anthony Fauci. They're warning of a new pandemic...and they are already developing new drugs to treat the diseases.

    Sound familiar?

    They furthered a depopulation agenda once, why not again? They rang the register once, why not again? They got away with it before. Now, with the pluck of a snake oil salesman, they claim to have "the science" on their side. They have the gall to claim that "lives could have been saved" if not for "disinfo".

    "But wait," you say, "some of us were smart enough to read between the lines last time!" Yes, you were. And wasn't that fun? Risking reputation and career based on connecting the dots and pushing back against an all-powerful narrative touted by the government, employers, and schools?

    What's worse, they're already preparing to shut you down. The fact checkers are coming.

    So what will become Disease X? Avian flu--bird flu--H5N1--seems to be the leading culprit at the moment. We are to believe that good old bird flu that's been around for as long as we've had birds has naturally mutated and now readily infects humans.

    Again. In the lead-up to the 2024 election.

    It's almost as if a choice is being offered by Science, Inc: elect the globalist, or we'll punish you with a pandemic. As if to underscore this proposition, a reminder that coincidences happen: one of the largest poultry plants in the country caught fire. On Wednesday, a Farina, IL plant burned to the ground, killing 1.2 million chickens.

    The trend of food processing plants burning down under the Biden administration is well documented. Here's the list as of late 2022, courtesy of our friends at Gateway Pundit.

    Food supply insecurity leads to greater reliance on the federal government. Further, as Dr. Peter McCullough warns, the hysteria over avian flu is leading to mass PCR testing, which, history suggests, is not a reliable way to judge the spread of an illness.

    It could also serve as an opportunity to spread a disease, if that was in anyone's interest.

    As for how the pharmaceutical industry treats disease, Covid wasn't enough to deter proponents of mRNA technology. In fact, a new mRNA vaccine for bird flu is already here!

    X screencap.

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