• Change Underfoot In Conservative Publishing

    June 2, 2024
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    After a roll-up of conservative publishers by Skyhorse Publishing, making it the hegemon in the nitch, political operatives are warning about the power of Skyhorse owning all conservative titles, and becoming the gatekeeper of what can, and cannot be printed.

    In a post on X, formerly Twitter, investigative journalist Laura Loomer warned those who support MAGA to avoid collaborating with Skyhorse Publishing, run by Tony Lyons. She pointed out that Lyons is backing Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign for the presidency and that he is using Skyhorse to silence conservative voices against Kennedy to the detriment of President Donald Trump.

    In her post, Loomer said -- Everyone in MAGA who is tied to Skyhorse publishing  @skyhorsepub needs to speak out against Tony Lyons or find a new publisher. I want to know if Tony Lyons promised a bunch of right wingers book contracts ahead of 2024 in an effort to get them To not speak out about @RobertKennedyJr. Anyone who is helping Tony Lyons  @tonylyonspub make money is in turn helping the RFK Jr PAC @AV24org. Essentially, the cofounder of RFK Jrs PAC now owns the entire conservative world back catalogue of books through his acquisition of @Regnery. Tony Lyons is trying to create a CONTINGENT ELECTION. If you give Skyhorse money, you are giving RFKJR money. You can’t be friendly with Skyhorse and call yourself MAGA.”

    Lyons has created a monopoly on conservative publishing through his acquisition of Regnery and All Season Press. It is also worth noting that Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster which is now owned by KKR, a global investment firm with ties to George Soros.

    FULL DISCLOSURE: CDM has joined forces with Histria Books to create Vindicta Publishing, which is an alternative to Skyhorse. 

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