• Musk On NYT Best Sellers List: "Yeah, It's Fake" ...But The Manhattan Best Sellers Is Legit!

    June 15, 2024
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    -NYT Forced To Admit In Court That Book List Is Biased

    -The Economist Calls For Name Change...Or Dissolution

    The NY Times, They Are A-Changin'

    The most famous book list in the world is trending toward infamy. The vaunted New York Times Best Sellers List may need to change its name to the "New York Times Listing To The Left Sellers" after other legacy media (and long ago, a court of law) have called out the Gray Lady.

    In 1983, William Peter Blatty, who wrote "The Exorcist", sued the Times for $6 million, claiming that by excluding his books from their rightful place as best sellers, the newspaper company had defrauded him from publicity that would have generated greater sales.

    In the course of the case, the Times argued that while their methodology was not based strictly on sales, it was protected speech under the First Amendment. As the NY Post notes, "The ruling still surprises critics who assumed the list was a direct reflection of books with the highest sales."

    "Authoritatively ranked" indeed... (NYT screencap).

    The Economist: Conservative Authors Punished

    It will come as no surprise to anyone on the right to hear that the apparatus of leftist media is arrayed against conservative authors. So it was with a resigned air that many read a recent study from The Economist that looked at 12 years' worth of data. Their conclusion? Conservative authors were 7% less likely to be included on the list even if their sales qualified them.

    That's not too bad, right? But that number only applies to big names like Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly. Less well-known authors are 22% less likely to be included. And an "extremist" like Alex Jones? His 2022 book, "The Great Reset and the War For the World", was the #2 seller in its first week. The Times ignored it entirely.

    The Good News? The Manhattan Has You Covered For Best Sellers--And Rigor Around The Numbers

    The Manhattan has published a weekly best sellers list for nearly two years. Painstakingly curated, our list eschews censorship and reflects true sales numbers. Moreover, we feature conservative authors in "Editor's Picks" categories, as well as fiction and nonfiction in the following categories: Children, Young Adult, Adult, History, and Politics.

    So? Why Buy From The Manhattan Best Seller List?

    That's easy: because you supporting our work is a great gift to journalism that isn't beholden to corporate interests.

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