• Hunter Suing People Part Of A Toothless Pattern, Nothing Ever Comes Of His Dollar Store Lawfare

    July 1, 2024
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    Hunter Biden (X screencap).

    Hunter Biden, black sheep of the Biden clan, has filed another lawsuit.

    Before we go any further on this nothingburger, let's pause for some context. Hunter is one of four children birthed by Neilia Biden, who died in a controversial automobile accident in 1972. Two of her children still draw breath, and both have seen their salacious personal property pasted on the walls of the internet.

    In Ashley's case, a deeply disturbing diary. In Hunter's, the "laptop from hell". And it is the latter, that horrendous hard drive, that Hunter is now trying to bend into a collection plate. It is so very like Hunter to fashion a shield out of toxic metal.

    This is Dollar Store lawfare

    Chances are, this latest legal maneuver is meant to distract. Hunter has sued before only to withdraw the case. Only months ago, he sued Rudy Giuliani over laptop-related issues, only to withdraw the suit once the laptop was entered into evidence in Hunter's own legal imbroglio.

    From a June 14 article in this publication:

    The dismissal comes after Hunter was found guilty of three felony charges relating to a gun purchase in 2018. Dropping the suit against Giuliani--essentially waving the white flag--would seem to expose the suit for what it was: cynical media deflection to maintain the elaborate charade that the laptop wasn't Hunter's (proven wrong), that data was manipulated (lacking merit, or presumably the lawsuit wouldn't have been dismissed by Hunter's lawyer).

    Hunter has sued the IRS over tax disclosures (nothing came of it).

    Hunter sued former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne over defamation (nothing came of it).

    Hunter sued former Trump aide Garrett Ziegler over computer fraud.

    The gig is up.

    Hey Siri, in a lawsuit, what is "discovery"?

    The obvious flaw in Hunter's latest suit is that the process of discovery would lead any decent prosecutor to question why Hunter was in flagrante delicto with a minor...or smoking crack cocaine...or discussing prostitutes that could be arranged for his use, based on ethnicity.

    The suit is deflection, and it's a tired tactic.

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