• New Dem Talking Points Just Dropped...

    July 9, 2024
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    X screencap.

    The nattering ninnyhammers of Blue X are at it again. The Twinkie-Twin Krassensteins, Brooklyn Dad Compliant, Keith "Walking Aneurysm" Olbermann, and the rest of the rabid gang are spouting the latest Obama-approved bullet points like petulant fountain nymphs.

    To their credit, they didn't just copy-paste this time. Those photo gallery tweets showing the verbatim messaging finally shamed them, and it only took eight years!

    One of many, many examples.

    So they're evolving, but the messaging is still remarkably similar, and they all seem to have had the same thought within an hour of one another. Here's the shocker: they're warning us about a very bad person, someone who will end our "democracy". Perhaps you've heard of him: Donald Trump.

    What has Trump done now? Surely they covered everything in two lengthy impeachments, "Mueller Time," and a trial that resulted in 34 felony counts for ancient allegations "zapped-back-to-life" after expired statutes of limitation?

    Ah yes. 34 convictions. Sex stuff. Epstein...? Project 2025. Spooky and ominous! But the list conveniently avoids a few weighty facts.

    • The 34 convictions were sucked out of thin air. Pure lawfare, and even Andrew Cuomo admits as much.
    • No sane person believes Donald Trump was attracted to or attacked E. Jean Carroll. She was as believable as the lady with two front doors, Christine Blasey Ford.
    • Epstein? The same guy Trump had kicked out of Mar-a-Lago for hitting on a guest? NY billionaires tend to have photos taken together at parties. It's the bread and butter of society magazines.
    • Project 2025 is the golden goose. It's lengthy enough that few will read it, and critics can claim that certain parts mean something more sinister. Whoever is responsible gave a nice gift to the left.

    The point is, this is all they have. Lawfare, a dead (or relocated) ex-friend, and a nebulous document. And they'll ride that broken nag as hard as any past accusations.

    Ted Lieu had better watch himself. Trump doesn't appear in the Epstein files. Virginia Giuffre testified that Trump wasn't part of Epstein's sex ring. But again, this old horse is the only one they have left to ride, and ride it they will.

    To all those spouting off about Project 2025...the two rebuttals below are pretty clear, and devoid of any unnecessary nuance.

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    Not only was Trump NOT a part of Epstein's sex circle, but....

    When a law firm took up the cause of 70 of Epstein's victims, they contacted everyone they knew who had associated with Epstein to see who would help them. ONLY Trump did.
    Search on YouTube for the title "Attorney Bradley Edwards explains the Prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein." Talk of Trump's assistance starts at 4:45

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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