Jewish Influencers Choose Hanukkah Parties To Stand With Democrats Who Have An Anti-Jewish Agenda

December 20, 2022
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Hanukkah party, Jewish Gemeinde, Munich, Germany, 1949

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Republicans are learning something that many in the fashion business realized a while ago. Social media influencers, who made themselves important, might know how to photoshop and create clever taglines to build an audience, but don’t know how to close the deal as they share front row and runway experiences. 

It is somewhat embarrassing as The Jewess Patriot to have followers from around the world question why these people post daily about antisemitism and then spend Hanukkah with the very elected officials that are standing with those who are destroying Jewish life in America and supporting those who stand for Palestinian power at the expense of Israel.

I can name them, but their photos are everywhere.  It’s embarrassing and they are actually enabling antisemitism.

They live in America. They are affected by the policies of a Biden administration, a Mayor Eric Adams administration, an Israeli Consulate representation and so many that can actually make a better life for Jews here and everywhere around the world.  Instead of calling out their hypocrisy and using their 15 minutes of fame to express concerns, they publicly party and give thanks to their “heroes.”  

Social Influencers Enable Antisemitism 

Remember hearing those famous words, “A person's true value lies in their intelligence, personality, and ability, not their physical appearance.”  It’s no truer than watching these phonies wear Jewish stars or post a picture of a repost of a rally.  

I am respected because my tagline of you don’t have to be Jewish with Cindy and restating on my show that knowledge is power is what makes a difference.   I am called upon for my ability to present facts based on research that I compile from many sources.

These influencers can not answer why the people they are partying with agree with these questionable policies:

  • High crime and hate crimes, especially against Jews
  • A bias education system where people like Linda Sarsour have power
  • Open borders 
  • Discrimination against Jews in positions of jobs and spots in schools because they support diversity over merit
  • Targeting Jewish communities over medical freedoms
  • Targeting Jewish Republican donors 
  • Using the Supreme Court and the judiciary system as a political tool
  • Supporting Black Lives Matter whose leadership is under investigation for the misappropriation of funds and publicly supporting Palestinian rights at the expense of Israel
  • Misrepresent social causes and abortion rights for personal reasons 
  • Take away the right to bear arms just like the Nazis did as their first step to targeting the Jews

And the list goes on…..

They don’t think about the world the children will live in.  They don’t research the history of these “heroes” they make sure to capture and caption in videos.  How can anyone explain tagging Eric Adams whose most famous line was calling whites police officers crackers or for “show me the money?”  He was busy seeking Jewish support in 2017 at the National Council of Young Israel gala that I was honored at for being an Aishes Chayil. Polls actually have him with a lower rating than both David Dinkins and Bill DeBlasio.  

How can anyone, especially a rabbi,thank Al Sharpton for attending a Chanukah party ? For decades has supported antisemites and led the Tawana Brawley Hoax.  Then again, the rabbi's daughter is suing  his dear friend, Dr. Oz for admitting they take money for support of his organization. So, in essence they supported John Fetterman. Who needs friends like that?

How can a bestselling Israeli  author hug President Biden at the White House Hanukkah party as he continues to beg Iran for a Nuclear Deal and work with a Squad that actively supports ending deals with Israel.

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I stood steps away from President Donald Trump when he actually did something besides take selfies and touch women.  He signed an Executive Order Against Antisemitism.  

I Don’t Envy Them

I have written legislation to fight for Jews.  I host a popular show.  I ran for Congress.  I can pick up my phone and call multiple elected officials.  I am embarrassed for them.  I am scared that they are no different than Stephen Wise and Edith Stein, and we all know how misled they were.  

I was invited and have attended multiple events with Democrats.  But, my message is different.  I look to solve problems and bring people together.  

Social influencers who aren’t sitting front row at fashion week shouldn’t be the voices and faces of fighting antisemitism.  72 million who vote Republican and Independent see you the same way as the January 6th committee, all offense and no defense.  And that’s why Jew haters win.  Oh, by the way, I also sit front row, go backstage and party with fashion designers.

Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Today's Jewish Activist syndicated through Conservative Television of America, Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network.  The show streams through RokuTV, Amazon FireTV,  iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts.   She ran for congress in 2020. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates.  Her lawsuit against the NYCDOE exposes scandals and corruption within public schools.  She can be reached through [email protected] 


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