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    April 28, 2024
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    Proof that evil is sometimes visible to the naked eye: Richard Carranza (YouTube screencap).

    It's hard to believe, but some white folks just won a racial discrimination case, and in New York City, no less. The city will pay three Department of Education executives $700,000 each over racial discrimination, as reported by the NY Post.

    This all started when human stain Richard Carranza was appointed to Chancellor of Schools by former mayor and noted socialist Bill De Blasio. From day one, Carranza hefted his DEI axe, chopping at anything that looked remotely white. In his haste, he demoted career professionals (one with a degree from Harvard) and replaced them with darker-complected educators.

    Predictably, the three women--Lois Herrera, Jaye Murray and Laura Feijoo--were furious and filed a lawsuit. Not so predictably, they won. A racial discrimination cases won by whites? Now that's a unicorn.

    If the name Carranza rings a bell, CDMedia reported on his poor handling of NYC schools four years ago, when some pundits referred to Covid as the "Carranzavirus".

    Carranza, like Trump trial judge Juan Merchan, always looks like he's wearing makeup. He "resigned" after three years as Chancellor, an excruciating tenure that wreaked havoc on New York City children and their parents. Hilariously, he was replaced by a black woman.

    Do they have the same awful stylist? Conflicted judge Juan Merchan (X screencap).

    Read more here.

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