• Columbia "Regretted" Using Police To Clear Illegally Occupied Building

    April 30, 2024
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    NYPD officers clearing illegal occupants of Hamilton Hall (X screencap).

    The police were finally allowed to do their job this evening at Columbia University.

    In a sign of how far backward Columbia has bent to coddle protesting students and Soros-paid organizers, the Ivy League school issued a statement earlier this evening. In the missive, Columbia said it "regretted" the decision to involve the NYPD.

    But involve them they did, and not just street-beat cops. Over 100 officers from the Emergency Services Unit were on the scene. With them was the force's Mobile Adjustable Ramp System (MARS) vehicle, essentially an adjustable ramp on wheels. The vehicle enabled the officers to enter a second floor window.

    Multiple arrests were made. The majority of the operation was completed in twenty minutes. It remains to be seen how many of the arrestees are students, and how many are professional agitators paid to perform a role.

    The next question: will Columbia make good on its promise from earlier today? This afternoon, Columbia issued a warning that all students occupying Hamilton Hall would face expulsion. Will the university send a clear message, or will they continue their cycle of threat and appeasement?

    More to come...

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