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    October 17, 2022
    Image by Gabe Classon

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    Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s more. Do you know what a furry is?

    A furry is a recent phenomenon that’s made contact on planet New York City. It’s a person who identifies as an animal. He or she selects the four legged or winged creature of his or her choice and in limited dialect and action, attempts to communicate and exist as an animal. If it’s a bird, he or she whistles, if a cat, rubs up against something or someone, if a dog, barks or howls. Humans identifying as humans are supposed to understand and respond to the incantations, lest they be accused of speciesism.

    According to the website Fur Science, “the majority of furries identify as male, although one-quarter of furries identify as female. Transgender, genderfluid, and non-binary furries are also present at rates considerably higher than observed in the general population.”

    Furries have arrived in the New York City schools. The educational complex has responded in similar spirit to how it responded to mandating an unapproved FDA experimental “vaccine” and masks, championing the overhaul of bathrooms to accommodate non-binaries, teaching about hormone blockers, sexuality, and CRT. That is to say, at break-neck speed without intellect. If you were only partially convinced that those in charge mean to destroy the nuclear family by preying on kids, the embrace of furries should be enough to sway the holdouts.

    A mom friend recently told me her son’s former public school in Brooklyn held an assembly to acquaint the school community with the new “animal” amongst the student body. There was one but the entire school had to make accommodations for the minority. To make it feel comfortable, non bullied or weird, litter boxes were placed in the bathrooms.

    Image by Dmuth

    Why are furries cropping up? Were they on the boats or amongst the settlers in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607? Were they toiling with the pilgrims in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620? Were furries part of the regiment fighting in America’s Civil War in 1861? What about helping to crush the Nazis in 1941 or scything a path through the jungles of Vietnam in the 70s? Have Putin, Zelensky, and Jinping conducted polls to find out about their respective country’s furry population? Likely not.

    As per Fur Science, “the majority of furries self-identify as white, with approximately 15-20% of furries identifying as a member of an ethnic minority.” How strange that this newly recognized identity springs forward as white. Fur Science concedes the majority of studies were conducted in North America and in English. Perhaps the studies should have been done in whistles, moos, or howls. But there’s good non white supremacy news on the horizon; a more recent international survey showed a “notable increase in participants identifying as East Asia or Indiginous/Native.” It seems that the furry pollsters have over weighted Progressives in their studies. There’s been no indication of any polling in Central Park Zoo. Maybe the furry pollsters should conduct their next study in Iran, Sudan, Bolivia, or Saudi Arabia.

    Here’s the point, only in a place with fewer problems than the rest of the world, America, could such narcissism sprout. What would have been considered a mental disorder, make believe, or parody, is now being given gravitas. It is done so intentionally in order to attack the foundations upon which our Republic is built.

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    Furries are the spawn of social media and whoever is pulling the West’s strings to accept and promote all things undermining common sense and fostering discord. Our current administration uses surrogates in media, education, and culture and entertainment to glorify fringe identity groups which they then make part of the protected class. So the mental breakdown and inducement of having one is then reinforced with special treatment and praise for being “brave.”

    Here’s how successful the assault on the youth is as per Fur Science’s findings. 59.2% of furries say their first interaction with the furry fandom was under the age of 18. 35.1% say it was before the age of 16. 11.3% say it was before the age of 13. While there are somewhere between 1.4 - 2.8 million furries, a blip in the nearly 8 billion worldwide population, the Left is determined to produce more of this new identity group.

    The robust effort is done via anthropomorphic or cartoon animals.

    Where does this trend lead? How will furries find employment, mate, and raise families? The matrix understands, furries won’t, they’ll be indentured servants to public assistance. We’ve seen the Left shape-shift pedophelia to “young love.” Like the marijuana gateway to hard drugs,the acceptance of furries could be the laying ut of the welcome mat to beastiality.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    They just released Barbie Dolls that come with Furry costumes.

    Barking up the wrong tree

    So, let’s get into detail here because I think your claim is BS. Instead of this “mom friend’s, son’s FORMER school” nonsense why don’t you start by indicating the ACTUAL school. Bet you 1 doggie treat that you can’t name it because it doesn’t exist.


    It's goiing to bee finih oof mine day, except berore finiosh I amm reading this
    wonderfl paragraph to increae my know-how.

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