• Debate Showed Clear Choice - Composed Leader Or Lying Maniac Who Wants Concentration Camps

    October 26, 2022

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    Last night was the only debate between unelected current New York Governor Hochul and the Republican candidate, Lee Zeldin.

    It wasn’t only their message that was at diametric odds, it was their demeanor. Zeldin was composed and sober. Hochul appeared to have zero bodily control; grinning, laughing, interrupting, gesticulating, and anger flare ups. She mocked Lee and even insulted Democrat constituents.

    74% of New Yorkers say crime is a “serious issue.” About the same percent are registered Democrats - this means, at least 50% of Democrats view crime as a “serious issue.” The thing is, Hochul does not think crime is a serious issue. Irrationally, Hochul delusionally claims she has solved something that is not an issue.

    Here’s what Hochul’s fourteen months on the job solving crime resembles. Year to date, 21 out of 22 Manhattan precincts report major crime spikes. Murder up 29%, Robbery up 35%, Felony Assault up 20%, Burglary up 50%, Grand Larceny up 20%, and Grand Larceny Auto up 149%

    Crime is up 57% in the subways despite ridership being down 39%.

    Hochul’s response, she’s working with Mayor Adams to put “cameras in the subways.” Newsflash Hochul, cameras only work if the maniacs committing subway crimes are arrested and prosecuted. Based on statistical data - this isn’t happening. Hochul says, “[She’s] all about getting results, real results, not sound bites.” Some results.

    Things for Hochul got worse as the debate continued. Exasperated with the crime topic, pertaining to locking up criminals, she said she doesn’t know “why that’s so important.” 74% of New Yorkers understand why - because we’re in imminent danger thanks to Hochul’s crazy Left policies.

    Regarding the economy, Lee wants a State spending cap, lowering of taxes, reversal of the State’s ban on the safe extraction of natural gas, and approval of new pipeline applications. “New York is going to be open for new business, baby, January 1st’, he says.

    Hochul’s plan; to build more homes to drive down affordability. Affordability is perilous primarily because of the outrageously high New York State income tax. New York State and New York City lead the nation in outmigration because of the tax structure and tolerance of crime.

    After running out of ideas,just her babble on affordable housing, in a non sequitur, Hochul called Lee, “an election denier and climate denier.”

    American Conversations – Hochal's Push For Forced Quarantines In America!

    Next up, abortion. Hochul offered these gems. “My granddaughter does not have the same right that I had to make a determination…if it’s after the sixth month.” Is Hochul in favor of aborting in the last trimester? What about post birth, is she in favor of killing the baby once it’s delivered? Hochul refused to say whether she supports any restriction on abortion.

    She also callously tossed around words like “pro-life.” Barring total kooks, abortion isn’t something women take cavalierly even if pro-choice. Hochul threatened, “Women need to know that’s on the ballot.”

    It doesn’t need to be on the ballot, it exists in New York as it was before Roe and after Roe because it is a State’s right. The Hobbs case gave the decision to the State.

    Lee said he’s not going to touch abortion in New York State. Your granddaughter doesn’t have to worry, Hochul.

    When it came time to discuss the Left’s desire to promote drugs, Lee was asked if New York has enough measures in place to protect the youth from Marijuana. Lee said “absolutely not.” Notwithstanding Lee’s stance against legalization of marijuana, Hochul bizarrely said, “[He] made the case to legalize [marijuana], why not have distributors who have been marginalized and suffered incarceration.” Another example of the Democratic propaganda technique; ie, lying. Ah, yes, let’s elevate drug dealers and destroy our kids in the name of equity. What focus group told Hochul this was a winning message to recruit moms? Hochul added, “[She’s} creating jobs.”

    Finally, the moment all parents were waiting on bated breath to hear about; the candidates’ positions on masks. Before asking a question, the biased female moderator misrepresented with a statement that Hochul lifted mask and vaccine mandates. Nice spin but any parent of a toddler remembers their kids were masked until the end of school last year, as in, have only been unmasked for the six weeks thus far of this academic year. The question then was whether the candidates will follow the CDC’s recommendation to include the FDA unapproved “vaccine” in children's vaccine schedules.

    Hochul responded she's responsible for kids going back to schools because she mandated masks. Then, said, “Everybody should get their booster.”

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    Lee was more cogent; “Let me be clear, to all the parents who are out there, I will not mandate COVID vaccines for your kids EVER. I don’t believe there should be COVID mandates for our kids in SUNY and CUNY and community colleges and elsewhere.” Then, “A whole bunch of heroes were turned into zeroes… because of [Hochuls] healthcare worker mandate. I believe that mandate was wrong and everyone that was fired should be offered their jobs back with back pay. I do not support mandates in any way, shape, or form.”

    Hochul had another masterful response, she again called Lee “a climate denier, an election denier, and along with Trump, a COVID denier.” Finally, what should be the death knell to her campaign, “I would do it all over again.“

    November 8th, here’s what you get if you vote for Lee; the immediate removal of DA Bragg, law and order, economic recovery, parental rights in school, no mandates, and the ability to abort under the laws of the State of New York.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    When are you going to fix this white font in the comments? Can't read.


    we are working on it, ty for the comment


    REALLY, Dems? You keep offering your voters cringe. You must think they're stupid. Fetterman, and a kid for state rep who once plotted a school shooting! But they did vote in Biden, so.... ABC and rest of MMS just cannot resist inserting their opinions into these debates.

    Diana Barahona

    From what I have been able to piece together, the evil we are witnessing began with the world leader of the Freemasons, Albert Pike, who must have had a hand in forming the Democratic Party. The evil spread to the Republican Party through the Masonic elites, who, being bankers and industrialists, had the money to take over the Grand Old Party.

    In 1947, Freemason Harry Truman removed everything related to national security from the elected branches of government and created a shadow government run by twelve members of the Illuminati. In 1952, the U.S. signed a surrender agreement with the Nazis. In short order, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department, the military, NASA and all major defense contractors became Nazi-controlled.

    The modern-day architects of the Masonic New World Order were Prescott Bush and George HW Bush, along with Bilderberger Henry Kissinger, the mentor of Klaus Schwab, Deng Xiaoping and Nixon. George HW Bush groomed Bill Clinton to succeed him, and groomed his son, George, (who was subjected to SRA at the same time as Cathy O'Brien) to succeed Clinton.

    The Luciferian elites don't hide who they are and what they are. Michael Aquino practiced Satanism on U.S. military bases for decades. We have always known about MK Ultra, Bohemian Grove, the CIA's control of the mass media and its mind-control experiments. Only a psychopath would defend the U.S. war on Vietnam or the dirty wars, political interference, destabilization, coups and overthrows the U.S. has carried out since WWII. We know who Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles were and we know who assassinated the Kennedy brothers and MLK.

    The point I want to make is that Kathy Hochul is the product of an evil that has been allowed to spread in the United States, not because Americans are bad people, but because the vast majority have been willing to believe any lies in order to avoid taking responsibility for the corruption of their government and society in general. Be that as it may, I also believe that all of the lies and corruption are finally coming to an end.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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