• New York City Moms Might Help Elect President Trump In 2024

    November 18, 2022
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    On November 15th, 2022, former President Trump, announced he’s running to become president in 2024.  For approximately one hour, he spoke to the American family; every plan and policy “will keep the American family in mind.”  This was it, the defining moment, that might dispel talk of suburban and big city moms rejecting Trump.   

    Staunch New York City Democrat moms voted this past November 8th for Republican gubernatorial candidate Zeldin only because of his clear promise to uphold parental rights.  Moms aren’t loyal to political parties; they’re loyal to their kids.  We just learned this as Zeldin narrowly lost to Hochul.  After crime and the economy, Zeldin’s platform focused on parental rights, fixing education by rejecting CRT (critical race theory), and upholding high standards.  

    Everything, everything Trump said during his announcement is what mothers want to hear.  He offered an off-ramp to the Left’s dismissal of the nuclear family, parental rights, and danger both out on the streets and inside school.

    “Joe Biden has proven that he is committed to indoctrinating our children.  Even using the Department of Justice against parents who object.  When I’m in the White House our schools will cease pushing critical race theory, as they [are].” 

    Two points here. First, parents overwhelmingly reject critical race theory; 42 states have introduced bills or taken other steps restricting  teaching critical race theory or limiting how teachers can discuss racism, sexism, and issues of systemic inequality in the classroom.  Second and most important, Trump affirms what mothers know; critical race theory is being taught in schools.  On the Left, everyone from MSNBC’s Joy Anne Reid to Randi Weingarten, president of the second largest teacher’s union AFT, lied.  They said either it didn’t exist, wasn’t being taught, and that parents who stated otherwise were racist conspiracy theorists.  Concerned parents were mocked and silenced by the Left, the Biden administration, educators, and unelected bureaucrats.  Trump validated parents and let them know, they’re not crazy, they have been heard, and he’s on their team.  

    Trump went on to defend women, the very women that might have viewed him during the last election as misogynistic.  “We will not let men…participate in women’s sports.  It’s very unfair to women.” He committed to protecting children, fighting “gender insanity” that’s being promoted in schools.  Trump promised that schools pushing the erasure of women, sexual exploitation of children, and the mutilation of youths’ private parts via surgery or hormone blockers, which frequently is done in secrecy without parental consent or knowledge, “they will lose all Federal funding.“  

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    New York City parents have been fighting this battle for two gruesome years, alone, minus any support or even consideration from obstinate Democrat elected officials.  These very New York City moms might cast their vote just on this issue alone.  The fact that someone in power isn’t telling them to shut up and calling them names is welcome change.  He continued, “I will be the president to finally fix this education in America.  Trump cut to the point; “We will defend the rights of parents and the family as the center of American life.  We will defend parental rights.”  

    If Democrat officeholders think they can continue as usual because they narrowly retained their power, they’re missing the signals from parents.  Parents are responsible for picking up previously unwinnable House seats in New York and adding to Republican registration significantly across all the identity groups the Democrats thought they owned; married women, moms, Jews, asians, blacks and hispanics.  Their influence is growing.  The point is, the Left has willfully abandoned parents who now find their home on the Right. 

    Things can only get worse under the Left’s anti parent policies; they’re losers.  Education will collapse further.  Crime will spike.  New York’s already struggling economy will buckle if the parental taxbase flees and leaves the streets to the mentally deranged and illegals.  illegals are bussed in and welcomed with concierge service and Manhattan luxury hotel accommodations costing taxpayers $450 per person, per night.  New York City taxpayers solely on the hook for funding illegals’ medicaid (federal law prohibits federal taxes money to pay for it).  Gotham must absorb illegals’ children into already failed schools.  Residents will also have to contend with the drugs brought in by illegals streaming through our porous southern border.. New York, for its part, has no border.

    “The cities are rotting cesspools of blood”, says Trump.  Parents in New York City agree.   “We will wage war upon the cartels and stop the fentanyl and deadly drugs from killing 200,000 Americans per year”, he says.  Ask any parent how they feel about drugs and the struggles they face because Democrat elected officials have legalized and glamorized drugs.  Public selling and usage is destroying neighborhood after neighborhood.   Trump spoke directly to the parents;  “And I will ask congress for legislation ensuring drug dealers and human traffickers…responsible for death, carnage, and crime… receive [the] death penalty for their heinous acts.”  To any parent queasy about the death penalty, thinking this talk is too tough, Trump lays out the plain facts; “Every drug dealer during his or her life on average will kill 500 people with the drugs they sell, not to mention the destruction of families.”

    Trump mentioned common sense frequently throughout his announcement.  Common sense is what parents, both suburban and city ones, want. 

    A weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    I don't think New York City moms can save us. Can they confiscate all Dominion voting machines ? Can they eliminate the RINOs ? Can they eliminate the politician's love of money ?!?! I DON'T THINK SO !

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