• Behind Enemy Lines By Commander Robert A. Green Jr.

    July 18, 2023
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    Below we have an incredible review of an explosive new book to be released this Independence Day, July 4th, 2023.  This review is a significant contribution, not just because of the criticality of the book, Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines, to understanding the historical implications of recent DoD lawlessness, but because of who is providing the review.

    The reviewer, Brad Miller, is a former Battalion Commander in the storied 101st Airborne who refused the COVID-19 vaccine.  Rather than serve in an Army that he felt no longer represented Army Core Values, he elected to resign his commission at 19 and a half years.

    When Brad Miller speaks on issues related to moral courage in the military, the nation should listen. I ask you to listen when Brad Miller tells you that Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines is the definitive account of the military vaccine mandate and what that mandate means in our ongoing fight for liberty.

    -L Todd Wood

    The following review was contributed by Brad Miller...

    I recently finished reading Commander Robert A. Green Jr.'s Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Hope For Those Who Love Liberty. Rob Green gives a compelling account of the challenges faced by military service members in navigating the crisis that resulted from the Department of Defense’s (DoD) August 2021 COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

    Rob is the right man to have written this book, which is essential reading for all seeking to understand the plight of those who stood up against the mandate. Rob personally faced tremendous challenges after his faith-based determination that he could not take the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition to describing his own situation, Rob also gives a voice to many other brave men and women that, paradoxically, find themselves fighting “behind enemy lines.”

    The book is as readable as it is informative. Rob’s message is bold, clear, and backed up with a wealth of evidence and examples. He offers the reader detailed explanations of courageous men and women in uniform that have withstood enormous persecution for resisting DoD’s mandate. Rob presents multiple cases of specific service members who endured religious discrimination, legal privations, and career-impacting persecution for daring to exercise their constitutionally protected religious freedoms or question the legal basis of the mandate. By calling attention to these heroes and their stories, he grants us a focused view on the humanity and struggle of those that DoD would prefer to speak of only as statistics.

    The most gripping part of the book is the series of accounts depicting the obstacles faced by those who resisted the mandate. Though their actions are unlikely to be romanticized via the same immortal imagery as Washington's Crossing of the Delaware or the Marines on Iwo Jima, the moral courage demonstrated by these men and women is just as real and just as uncommon as the physical bravery of those men of yore.

    Rob rightly describes this as a spiritual fight. He frames the book first and foremost by his faith in God. He truly gives us an insider’s view into the battle for the soul of the military. Secondly, he offers a critical historical perspective by explaining the link between the Founding Fathers and the freedoms we have today. Within this historical context, he describes the intent behind the oath to the Constitution, and the moral courage required to fulfill that oath in the modern military. He expresses how this fight against the mandate is about so much more than resistance to a single injection; it is about defending individual liberty as our Founding Fathers intended.

    The narrative is replete with examples of moral failings, legal obfuscations, and careerist maneuverings by government and DoD officials. Rob describes the collusion between DoD, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Justice to obscure the legal problems of attempting to mandate a product that remained under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). He also explains the process used by senior Navy leaders to illegally implement a system of default disapprovals for service members requesting religious accommodations for their sincere faith-based objections to the vaccines. He even provides a clear example of a stark miscarriage of justice resulting from a judge’s mischaracterization of the law covering the administration of EUA products.

    The author provides a compelling narrative does not back down or shy away from the fight for liberty.  Even the unlawful actions of the highest-ranking perpetrators are detailed. He calls for accountability so that the military can repair the damage and move forward with a focus more appropriately prioritized on the true threats our country faces.

    Rob gives us a clear and accurate portrayal of the gravity of the situation within our military but leaves us with the hope that there are men and women of unyielding moral and spiritual courage that continue to carry the torch of liberty. Knowing that Rob, and others like him, still stand for the bedrock principles our nation was founded upon, should kindle the fire of action within us. Liberty will not secure itself.  Like all things worth having, liberty must be fought for, or we run the risk of losing this great legacy left us by our forebears.

    This superb book is easily accessible, packed with human interest stories, and has relevant historical analysis woven throughout. It is the definitive account of how the COVID-19 vaccine mandate impacted our military.  It is a must read for all those wishing to know the mandate’s true effect on our Armed Forces and what the implications are for liberty in our nation.

    You can pre-order Defending the Constitution behind Enemy Lines: A Story of Hope for Those who Love Liberty at Amazon


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