• How Many Foreign Students Are In American Universities And What Does This Mean For America?

    November 1, 2023
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    In 2023, there are 16.9 million students enrolled at a postsecondary institution. Approximately 14.2 million students are enrolled in an undergraduate program and around 3 million are enrolled in a graduate program. In the United States, there are over a million international students enrolled in colleges and universities.

    In 2022, China had 324,196 students enrolled in American postsecondary institutions. Saudi Arabia had 24,485. Nigeria had 22,935. Six schools enrolled more than 15,000 international students: Northeastern University, New York University, Columbia University, Arizona State University, University of Illinois, and University of Southern California. And, New York University has more than 21,000 international learners, more than any other university.

    American education has deviated from what it was intended to do and who it was intended to serve. As we watch the wrecking ball to Big Ed unfold, we should ask questions and start connecting the dots.

    Why was there a similar response across the board from colleges and universities hijacked by pro Hamas students and faculty? It was one that refused to name Hamas, omitted the word “terrorist”, and highlighted both “sides.” Why has there been zero, or zero publicity, vis-a-vis revoking student visas from colonialist invaders here to incite a jihad? This is under the purview of the The Department of State (DOS), an executive department of the U.S. federal government responsible for the country's foreign policy and relations, helmed by Biden appointee, Antony Blinken. Why is there an increase of Muslims from the Mid East and Africa, invading America? It’s coordinated - overwhelmingly fighting age men who don’t look stressed, well versed in what to say to ICE agents and know which cities and states to populate.

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    We don’t yet have the entire image, but pieces of the puzzle are fitting together and it appears that the spike in anti-semitism, anti-Christianity, anti-Americanism, anti-white, is a coordinated effort between Arab countries, the American government, and Soros.

    Senator Josh Hawley recently pressed Biden appointee, Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, about Nejwa Ali, a pro-Hamas spokeswoman at DHS. On October 7th, Ali posted on social media, “F*** Israel, the government and its military. Are you ready for your downfall? F***… any Jew who supports Israel.” She also posted a graphic of a Hamas paraglider with a machine gun flying into Israel to presumably mow down every Israeli and Jew in sight.

    Ali is an asylum and immigration officer.

    Mayorkas has not fired her. Mayorkas did not say whether there are other employees who are pro genocide. In other words, Americans have no idea how many pro-Hamas, pro-Muslim Brotherhood, pro - Muslim terrorists are in DHS, “handling” immigration. We also have no idea how many are in other government institutions and organizations. What we do know is that academia is in bed with the Democrats and Globalists and this explains at least some of their joint refusal to come out against Hamas, terrorists, and terrorism in American colleges and universities.

    What might be some other reasons?

    According to author Mitchell Bard, Middle Eastern governments, American universities are de facto training grounds to organize, convert, and recruit an evolved American open to “diversity.” He notes that former English diplomat John Kelly realized “The rulers of the Arab oil states are neither simple philanthropists nor disinterested patrons, they expect a return upon their donations to institutions of learning and their subsidies to publishing houses; whether it be in the form of subtle propaganda on behalf of Arab or Islamic causes, or the preferential admission of their nationals, however unqualified . . . or the publication of the kind of sycophantic flim-flam about themselves and their countries which now clutters sections of the Western press and even respectable periodical literature.”

    What we have witnessed since October 7th is this; Western universities, American Universities, and almost all New York colleges and universities, have been Islamified.

    These institutions have endowments so astronomical, ten, twenty, or thirty billionaire donors refusing to give money might not make a dent. The problem is, government and academia have tied themselves to an agenda that doesn’t put Americans first.



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