• New York Coddles Creeps And Persecutes Patriots

    April 25, 2024
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    Donald Trump and Harvey Weinstein (X screencap).

    NY Appeals Court Finds A Technicality For Harvey

    Stereotypical Hollywood sex addict and power broker Harvey Weinstein had a conviction overturned today by the New York Court of Appeals. Weinstein was convicted of rape in 2020 after nearly 100 women testified about his aggressive and forcible sexual predilections.

    Today, the court opined that during testimony, too many of the witnesses made negative comments about Weinstein's character that didn't pertain to the specific charges of the case. These are the types of rulings that make citizens distrust American institutions.

    As reported by the NY Post, the 4-3 appellate victory for Weinstein was a close vote. One of the dissenting justices pointed out that going easy on sexual predators is now a trend in New York.

    "In a scathing dissent, Judge Madeline Singas wrote that the majority was “whitewashing the facts to conform to a he-said/she-said narrative,” and that the appeals court was continuing a “disturbing trend of overturning juries’ guilty verdicts in cases involving sexual violence.”"

    --Ibid., emphasis added.

    Weinstein lawyer Arthur Aidala won the right to a new trial, but only for the charge of a criminal sexual act. The rape charge, Aidala contended, could not be retried because the alleged conduct now falls outside the statute of limitations. Ah, the law.

    At the very least, Weinstein, 72, remains in prison in New York at the Mohawk Correctional Facility. He has been serving a 23-year sentence there following his conviction for rape in the third degree involving an actress in 2013, and forcibly performing oral sex on an assistant in 2006.

    Meanwhile, Trump Rallies The (New) Base In Midtown

    Donald Trump this morning in Midtown (X screencap).

    President Trump took to the streets again, stopping at a construction site in Midtown before his trial resumes in the NY Supreme Court. Interesting to hear NY union workers chanting "USA!" Quite the shift for the solid blue labor bloc.

    To sum up, even as the wheels of bastardized justice turn, freeing the worst of sinners while seeking to tie down a leading presidential candidate during his campaign on technicalities, not all the people are entirely brainwashed by mass media. Days like today, full of harsh contrast, can only help to peel away the scales.

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