• All-Around Good Guy Thomas Massie Calls Out Scofflaw AG Garland

    June 4, 2024
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    Thomas Massie (KY-R), X screencap.

    Thomas Massie is a member of a wildly exclusive club: honorable politicians. If you've never heard of him, Massie, 53, has represented Kentucky's 4th congessional district since 2012. He holds two engineering degrees from MIT. He founded a tech company with his wife and sold it in 2003.

    He built his own home from the ground up with timber and stone from his rural Kentucky property, so he's not afraid to get his hands dirty. He married his high school sweetheart, Rhonda, also an MIT grad. He's a pro-2A Methodist and a father of four.

    Notably, his impressive home is off-grid, powered by a used Tesla battery and solar panels. He has called himself the "greenest member" of the US Congress. Pretty neat trick for a Republican.

    Oh, and he stands up to powerful liberals. He speaks plainly and within the framework of constitutional law. In the clip below, watch Massie take Attorney General Merrick Garland to task over the extrajudicial creation of the office of special counsel (Jack Smith's appointment to investigate Donald Trump).

    Given the GOP's paltry defense of the party's presumptive nominee in the face of four lawfare suits, it's heartening to see someone seek justice for Trump.

    When it comes to future Republican nominees for president, the bench is pretty thin. In the estimation of The Manhattan, Massie would be an ideal VP pick in 2028, and/or a presidential candidate in 2032.

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