• Seeking A Popularity Boost, Mayor Adams Crushes ATVs, Mopeds...And We Approve!

    June 8, 2024
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    A city bulldozer crushes a fresh batch of illegal vehicles (X screencap).

    On any given day in New York, pedestrians and drivers alike face the prospect of crossing paths with an aggressive moped rider, or worse, a gang of them. E-scooters, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs are all driven recklessly by urban youths and illegal aliens in the streets, Central Park, even on the sidewalks.

    Mayor Eric Adams is no stranger to the streets. As a transit cop for 14 years, he knows who causes daily headaches for taxpayers. As a politician, he knows how to generate a boost in his popularity. One surefire trick: bust out a bulldozer and crush a bunch of unlicensed/stolen mopeds and ATVs.

    The publicity stunt is sure to garner appreciation among voters tired of watching the noisy antics of predominantly black teens on city streets. The recent trend of popping a wheelie and weaving dangerously close to cars and pedestrians has only increased the annoyance factor.

    Crushing nuisance vehicles is nothing new. Previous mayors have done so, and this isn't Adams' first bulldozer rodeo either. He crushed a smaller lot of bikes in 2022.

    Mayor Adams addresses the press (X screencap).

    The comment section on tweets such as the one below, where the rider swerves within inches of pedestrians, tend toward the vengeful. Boasts along the lines of "I'd knock him over" are common. What the armchair Bernie Goetzes forget is that the rest of the pack of riders will descend on anyone who dares to challenge a member of the gang.

    Adams claims that the latest haul of illegal vehicles totals over 41,000. That's an impressive tally, Mayor. Please keep it up!

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