• Huge Lib Self-Own: Influencers Expose Their Ignorance Over Insulin Pricing

    June 10, 2024
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    Trump signing an Executive Order (Public Domain).

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    It's a sad bit of commentary on the state of legacy media. Lefty accounts on X are busy shouting their ignorance from the virtual rooftops, claiming that Donald Trump is lying on Truth Social about being the first to lower insulin prices. They claim Trump is taking credit for Biden's idea.

    Truth Social screencap.

    While it's true that Biden did recently lower insulin prices, he did so after reversing Trump's Executive Order 13937. The Executive Order (EO) was signed in 2020 by Trump as a way to address the economic hardship of at-risk Americans during the challenging stages of Covid mandates and lockdowns.

    In a flurry of reversals that, in hindsight, look reckless, Biden reversed EO 13937 "temporarily". Even lefty fact-twister Snopes admits as much.

    In classic Biden fashion, he undid a good thing, then went back to a similar model as the one Trump put in place, then took credit for "fixing" what was never broken. Worse, all the yammering yap-dogs of Biden's social media circle went public with incredulous "this is classic Drumpf" rhetoric.

    Is it possible they knew the truth and sallied forth anyway? Yes. Biden's sycophants do as much and worse. But it's also possible--probable, even--that the Harry Sissons and Brooklyn Dads of the world simply didn't know of Trump's EO because legacy media was so slow and quiet when it came to good news for American citizens.

    And here are the Bidenettes stepping in it. Note, however, all the likes they accumulated in the telling of the lie.

    No, JoJo. You're the idiot.

    These kind of false attacks and hyperbolic rhetoric are only going to get worse as November approaches. Buckle up!

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