• UPDATE: Chaos As Yazmeen Williams Suspect Taken Into Custody: "Get Him! Kill Him, Please!"

    July 8, 2024
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    A suspect was taken into custody this afternoon in the gruesome homicide of Yazmeen Williams. Williams' body was discovered among trash bags in Kips Bay on Friday.

    The suspect was taken on a stretcher from a Manhattan Section 8 building and loaded into an NYU-Langone ambulance late this afternoon. The victim's mother and a throng of angry onlookers hurled insults and threw punches at the suspect, a bald, black man who appeared to be in his fifties.

    Onlookers screamed threats such as "You a dead man!" reverberated in the air as paramedics and police officers attempted to get the suspect from the apartment to the ambulance. The victim's mother, Nicole Williams, who sported a straw cowboy hat, screamed in anguish, "Get him! Kill him, please!" to anyone who might listen.

    All that appears below is from the original article. Developing story...

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    Authorities have released new information about the woman found in Kips Bay on Friday. The victim, Yazmeen WIlliams, was 31. She was shot in the head, an apparent homicide.

    Williams' body was wrapped in trash bags and left outside 207 E. 27th St. Local residents had lodged complaints of a foul odor, leading to the discovery of the body.

    Williams had recently begun a new job working with the homeless population of the city. Her employer was the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). The Manhattan has previously reported on NYCHA, never in a favorable light. The taxpayer-funded organization is infamous for its corruption and mismanagement.

    As reported in the NY Post, Williams' mother was distraught to learn that her daughter was the victim:

    “[Officers] said, ‘Are you Yazmeen Williams’ mother?’” Yazmeen’s mother, Nicole Williams, told The Post at her apartment building. “And I said, ‘Yes I’m Nicole Williams. I’m her mother.’ And they said, ‘Your daughter has been shot.’ And I said, ‘OK, and she’s going to be all right?’ And they said no, that she died,” the grief-stricken mom said as she collapsed in tears. “They said she’s dead. I fainted and the officer had to pick me up off the floor. She’s my baby!” Williams added. “We got to get justice for her!”

    We will report on any further developments based on police investigation of the case.

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