• Lockdown Life - Rite Aid And Reality

    October 5, 2022
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    Rite Aid has eaten itself. Falling in lockstep with other big box retailers, it jumped immediately on the BLM bandwagon.

    On, June 2, 2020, Heyward Donigan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rite Aid put out a message, “I am deeply distraught and heartbroken by the tragic death of George Floyd and the events unfolding across the nation.” The “events” unfolding across our nation were the mobilization of BLM street protests which were “mostly peaceful” until they weren’t. This tactic repeated in urban centers across the country was, at the least, tolerated by the politicians on the Left like in New York, if not indeed induced by “defund the police” programs. Our cities were set on fire, literally. Such widespread and ugly criminality was ignored (AG James ignored it due to her psychotic obsession with Trump) and the monetary loss still hasn’t been tallied by our intrepid mainstream media and investigative reporters, let alone recouped. Maybe in this case, the numbers are simply too all encompassing to tackle.

    According to Business Insider, “Rite Aid is struggling against increased theft at its New York City stores that executives say cost the pharmacy chain $5 million in losses during its most recent quarter.” Heyward Donigan said the company "experienced unexpected headwinds this quarter from front-end shrink," particularly in "New York urban stores." It’s not a head-scratcher to understand. Rite Aid’s support of BLM ushered in a new type of criminality, “professional boosting.” Repeat offenders, some with 130 priors, ransack fertile hunting grounds like Rite Aid.

    Andre Persaud, Rite Aid's chief retail officer says, "We're looking at literally putting everything behind showcases to ensure the products are there for customers who want to buy it. We've even had to go to the extent of using off-duty police officers in some of our stores." Imagine a public company on the stock exchange, with board members, treating their stock holders so egregiously by adopting a social justice stance on the shoulders of criminality, let alone racism towards whites and Asians and anti semitism. Could there be anything less American than BLM’s attack on Capitalism and the thick irony that businesses pandered to such an extent that they were willing to go bankrupt and bankrupt others? Imagine a company taking a position in favor of lawlessness and financial ruin now hiring off-duty police!

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    Rite Aid didn’t just betray its stockholders, it betrayed the community. Their stores are now beehives of danger and byproducts of Left policies and politicians it endorses. Almost everyone in New York City has either witnessed a “professional booster” in action or heard about it from a firsthand survivor. Cashiers can’t do anything; they won’t interfere with some nut on a mission to steal and destroy while cursing and knocking things over. Shoppers inside are victims, trapped in a tinderbox of criminality and mental impairment, likely grappling with why they still adhere to a moral compass (paying for goods) which financially funds the buffoonery.

    If one is part of the protected class, one can freely steal in New York. Petit larceny mustn’t exceed $1000 according to state law. The problem is, this law only matters if it’s enforced. Because of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, DA Bragg, AG Tish James, Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul, there’s no chance in hell it will be.

    Bragg was elected thanks in part to the Color of Change super PAC that received $1million from Democratic super-donor Soros. Bragg only campaigned on his idea of social justice, deincarceration, and currently operates in accordance with his transparent platform. He extolled “alternatives” to jail time for misdemeanors and downgrading felonies to misdemeanors so that the suspects who commit them can escape custody. As if it’s a consolation, Bragg lets criminals stealing 'toothpaste' or 'bread', you know, little things, walk. Rite Aid, that sounds like inconsequential items and amounts, right? 'We will be tough when we need to be, but we will not be seeking to destroy lives through unnecessary incarceration”, Bragg reassures. 'But if you are houseless with an addiction problem and you steal toothpaste and some bread, you will be diverted for treatment to help break the cycle of recidivism.' Hey, Rite Aid stockholders, shoppers, and neighbors, how do you like your president’s message now?

    Mayor Adams endorsed Bragg for Manhattan prosecutor claiming his policies would help reduce crime. Year to date, petty theft in New York City is up a whopping 42%. Nipping at its heels is robbery and burglary, up 37% and 32%, respectively. Hochul won't fire Bragg. And James is busy. This is New York’s group of protectors.

    Crime is so bad and the repercussions so grave, a Rite Aid in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan experienced $200,000 in stolen merchandise and had to close. Rite Aid should issue a new message, “We are sorry to have betrayed our customers and stockholders. We stand with law and order. We value American values and understand people work hard, like our employees and shoppers who deserve to buy toothpaste without risk of bodily harm or post traumatic stress disorder. We understand there are many other places to shop and are committed to providing a safe experience so that we can continue to operate, not need to close and fire employees and become another vacancy in the neighborhood adding to real estate depression.”

    Jackie is a weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.

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    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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