• When You Vote November 8th, Vote For “Right” Judges

    October 26, 2022
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    Guest post by Cindy Grosz

    On Election Day, you have the choice to fix our corrupt judicial system.  Whether or not you like President Donald Trump or Steve Bannon, your tax dollars are paying for local and state courts and the salaries of judges.  Like we must Washington and Albany, we must fix our courts.

    Elections for judges are being held around New York:

    • Buffalo, New York - Chief judge of city court and city court judges
    • Bronx County, New York - Civil court judges and supreme court judges
    • Erie County, New York - County clerk, family court judge, and supreme court judges
    • Kings County, New York - Civil court judges and supreme court judges
    • New York County, New York - Civil court judges, supreme court judge, and surrogate's court judge
    • Queens County, New York - Civil court judges and supreme court judges
    • Richmond County, New York - Civil court judge and supreme

    Our judicial system is supposed to be the one branch of government that is supposed to be nonpartisan.  While we are supposed to be innocent before proven guilty, today we are guilty by association and opinion.  Trials are not by juries, but by pundits and charlatans who think they are important.   

    We know that’s not true.  Most of us who are innocent are victims of powerful adversaries and we don’t have the resources and media connections to battle for truth.  We end up destroyed financially, emotionally, personally and professionally.  

    Like many of you, I knew little about voting for judges, until now.  We hear the threats of packing SCOTUS, but in New York, courts seem already owned by one political party.  

    Just like with school board candidates, we need to find out more about these people.  After all, they decide verdicts on your local infrastructure, which can change the look of a suburban neighborhood into an urban community.

    These judges decide custody of children in a contentious divorce. These judges decide bail reform laws and allowing criminals with multiple arrests to run around our streets to rape, rob and kill innocent victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    My Whistleblower Lawsuit

    In “Blue State” New York’s Supreme Court, my lawsuit has been dragging since 2011.  My legal team hasn’t been able to obtain all the necessary discovery documents and answers to witness requests.  That could be because possible witnesses include a principal that was arrested, an assistant principal tied to a teacher found guilty of sexually harassing second grade students, a superintendent arrested,  multiple elected officials found guilty of crimes that were sentenced to jail time and the leader of a fake nonprofit organization arrested for embezzlement in the school I taught in. Randi Weingarten could be a possible witness and she claimed to know about racism in schools that she shared in an email.

    A decade after I initiated my lawsuit, parents, mostly black, mostly democrats and mostly honest, hard working family middle class homeowners are threatening lawsuits with similar claims I made regarding school safety, poor academic success in reading and math and little transparency and accountability when inquiring about the school environment.

    Instead of cooperating with my attorneys, the NYCDOE filed an illegal retaliation termination. I went through a kangaroo court of bias arbitration where the presiding officers, attorneys and staff are paid by unions.  A transcript confirms every claim I made, including a principal slapping a student, the breaking of state mandated reporting laws and neglecting to serve students mandated services.  Staff members testified against each other confirming possible perjury, tampering of evidence and obstruction of justice.

    The County Clerk who signed off on my case  is the mother of an Assemblywoman endorsed by the United Federation of Teachers and a member of the teachers union herself.  Never recused herself nor even acknowledged the fact.  If this obvious conflict of interest involves me, it must involve hundreds of other lawsuits in Queens County, New York as well.

    Assembly And State Senate Candidates

    Unions announce on their websites who they endorse.  Candidates brag about these endorsements.  If you are against mandates, tired of failing schools, and angry with cashless bail reform, fire the Attorney General, Leticia James, and judges who work with her to use your court system for their own personal agendas.

    I am probably just one of many who can claim that justice isn’t blind, it is definitely corrupt.

    Cindy Grosz is The Jewess Patriot, Radio’s Premiere Jewish Activist syndicated through Conservative Television of America, Real Talk Radio and the Black and White Network.  The show streams through RokuTV, Amazon FireTV,  iHeart, Spotify and Deezer and out of Israel through Jewish Podcasts.   She ran as a pro-Trump congressional candidate in 2020. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP and a Jewish advisor for many 2022 candidates.  Her lawsuit against the NYCDOE exposes scandals and corruption within public schools.  She can be reached through [email protected] 


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